Dual Language Program

Goals of Dual Language

High Academic Achievement

Learning in two languages requires students to stay flexible as they work with
challenging content in Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, and Math. Whether learning in Spanish or English, students are regularly asked to explain, justify, evaluate, or synthesize what they’ve learned.

Cross-Cultural Proficiencies

Dual Language education asks students to reflect on both their own cultural
background and that of others. As a result, students are prepared to take active roles in their communities, and to engage with issues of local, national, and global concern.

Mastery of Spanish and English

Students enrolled in Dual Language receive instruction in both Spanish and English, with the goal of becoming highly proficient in both languages. Students apply what they have learned in both languages to succeed academically and socially.

Arvada High School Dual Language Courses

Course 9th Grade (2022-2023) 
 Spanish Language Arts  Spanish Language Arts 9*
 Science   Physical Science*
 Math   Algebra I
 Social Studies  Geography Studies (English
 Language Arts 9 & Geography)
Language Arts
 Geography Studies (English
 Language Arts 9 & Geography)
 Electives   DL Choir*
 DL Journalism*

* indicates Spanish language instruction

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